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  • I found my lighthouse and with it – hope

    PND and Me, came from a very dark place, a place where the sun didn’t shine and there was very little hope to cling to, it came from a time […]

  • From under the blanket of postnatal depression – Felicity’s story

    *Trigger Warning, mention of Birth Trauma* My name is Felicity. I have a perinatal mental illness. It’s easy to admit from the safety of my laptop, no eyes looking directly […]

  • The importance of time for postnatal depression recovery

    Accepting a PND diagnosis can be difficult, it takes time to comes to terms with it, but know that time is the biggest healer, it doesn’t make things go away but time […]

  • A tear slides slowly down her cheek

    I can see her sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking anxious, tired, wearing a top spotted with spit up on the shoulder, I catch her glancing at the baby asleep in the bouncer, she sighs, […]

  • Antenatal Depression – Rosey’s experience

    So the little line appears on the home pregnancy test – You’re pregnant! Wonderful and terrifying at all once. For some women pregnancy isn’t the glowing, beautiful experience the baby magazines […]

  • Hugs and Hope

    So you may be reading this because a close friend or family member has had a baby and appears to be struggling, maybe they have already found the courage to […]

  • 8 things for mums with PND must remember

    When I was thinking about writing this post I thought back to when I had my daughter and began suffering Postnatal Depression very soon after her birth seven years ago and what […]

  • Frozen inspired advice for mums with postnatal depression

    Most of you will be familiar with the songs from Frozen and you’re probably wondering what on earth it could have within it that reminded me of PND however there is one lyric […]

  • How to join in #PNDHour tweet chat

    #PNDHour is hosted by me via my Twitter profile @PNDandMe every Wednesday at 8pm, by following these 3 simple steps you will be able to join in and connect with others affected by perinatal mental […]

  • 10 tips for coping with Christmas

    The festive season is an especially tough time of year when you suffer with a mental illness. It can be exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes trigger difficult thoughts and feelings. As […]