PND and Me

I had this little thing
An illness you can’t see
I want to tell you a story
About PND and me.

When my precious baby was
The size of a grain of rice
I thought this would be lovely
How a family would be nice

Then suddenly a fog appeared
It would sometimes come at night
I thought I could get rid of it
I was putting up a fight

People said I should be happy
But what they couldn’t see
Was happiness and laughter
Had gone and left me.

I didn’t feel any love
When my little baby came
PND was getting me
Life just wasnt the same

All I ever wanted
Was to be a good mum
So why was it so hard
I just felt numb

It took away everything
But only for a while
I wouldn’t let it keep
My sparkle and my smile.

It took a long time
To finally be free
Of this hidden illness
To get back to being me

I got my life back
And so will you
Ask your friends and family
To help you see it through

So carry on, keep going!
Just you wait and see
I promise that one day
PND will set YOU free

Rosey Adams 17/12/13