#PNDHour was founded in January 2014 and has since connected thousands of parents, health care professionals and voluntary sector workers. Every week discussing a different topic relating to parenthood and mental health, some of the following being popular topics we have covered:

  • Returning to work after experience a perinatal mental illness
  • Having another baby after experiencing perinatal mental illness.
  • Fathers mental health.
  • Mother and Baby units.
  • Parenthood and mental health in the BAME communty.
  • Self care
  • Rage and Anger in the perinatal period.

This is just a snapshot of the almost 400 hours of weekly chats we have had.

The #PNDHour tweet chat is a community of like minded individuals who can offer hope, encouragement and friendship as you navigate your way to a recovery (whatever this may look like for you).

Many will observe the chats for a period of time before joining in (if at all) and this is absolutely welcomed. If we can help you feel less alone then I am doing what I set out to do, when starting this chat.

To join in you will need a Twitter account, this can be anonymous and set to private if required. Whilst this chat is hosted on a public forum, we have an amazing community that will help you feel safe and supported.

You can observe the hour by searching #PNDHour via your search engine.

We hope to see you soon.

Rosey and the #PNDFamily x