Dear teenage me with depression

Dear Teenage Me.

I know you are hurting right now and feel there is no hope, but please keep holding on.

Everything is temporary and the pain you feel will pass. I promise.

I see the tears, the anger, the sadness the frustration that is the shit show of life at the moment.

Feeling like no one understands and no one cares. I wish I could have told you they do. They care so much.

All those nights you cry yourself to sleep wishing for a moment’s peace, from the inner voices telling you that you are useless, ugly and no one likes you. You are so loved.

If only you could see how amazing you are, and what an incredible future you have ahead of you. It is magical.

Those nights where you sat with music loud in your ears, watching the stars with tears streaming down your face. The people who caused those tears, didn’t deserve a single one.

The name calling, being pushed into the mud, the laughs, the looks. I’d tell you to carry on being your weird little self, people will love you for it.

Those nights you hurt yourself just to take the pain away from your mind. I wish you could have told someone. You deserved to heard, to be helped.

The years of torment, relentless bullying. Those who called you ugly. You are beautiful, inside and out. Believe me.

The times you’ve felt the world would be a better place without you, the plans, the thoughts. You deserve a place in this world.

I know it feels it, but you are not alone. I wish I could take your hand and hold it while you open up. To help you share some of that pain and ease the suffering.

One day you will realise just how strong you are, and know that no matter how many times you were knocked down; you got back up.

Please know that things will get better. I’m not going to lie and say life will be sunshine and rainbows, but I promise the pain will not always be this way.

You will find ways to cope better, people to talk to and realise that you are worthy of help and living a happy life.

“Where there is hope, there is life. It s us with fresh courage and makes us strong again” – Anne Frank

You are brave, you are strong and you have the strength to make it through any storms that come your way. I promise

Keep holding on.


Grown-up me.


HOPELineUK on 0800 068 4141, text 07786 209 697 or email


Phone – 116 123


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