Am I okay?

‘How are you?’

‘I’m okay’


How many times do we ask someone how they are?

How many times do we wait to hear the answer?

What if that person says,

‘Actually, today is a struggle’

How would we react?

Do we want to hear an honest answer?

Do we even give an honest answer very often?

How often do we ask ourselves, ‘Am I okay?’

What even is ‘okay’? What does that sum up? Is it just a quick fix answer, in the hopes that the person asking will move on and not delve?

Do we realise how often our eyes give away the true answer? But how little people will stop to look?

To really be with the person we are asking that question to?

How often are we really honest with ourselves about how ‘okay’ we are?

And what do we do when we aren’t?

We need a plan. A little self help kit to bring out when okay is not just a word but a feeling.

Maybe we should strive to be more than okay.

adjective: okay
  • 1.
    satisfactory but not especially good.

We all deserve to be more than okay.

To have the help we need, to get to a better place than okay.

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