Month: May 2018

  • How Health Visitors can help with postnatal depression

    Numerous studies estimate the incidence of perinatal depression at between 15-25%. That is, depression that starts either during pregnancy or in the 12 months following birth. However, perinatal depression is […]

  • 10 tips for coping with Christmas

    The festive season is an especially tough time of year when you suffer with a mental illness. It can be exhausting, overwhelming and sometimes trigger difficult thoughts and feelings. As […]

  • Celebrating the 100th #PNDHour

    A big milestone! 100 hours dedicated to debunking myths, tackling stigma, connecting those with a personal or professional interest in perinatal mental illness and supporting those who need a little strength and […]

  • Tips for mummies with poorly heads – By Kimberley

    Some mummys have poorly heads  when they have children. This is Kimberley’s 5 top tips for PND mummys. Sometimes a teddy bear cuddle is all you need If you are […]

  • Postnatal Depression – Mummy of 2 Amanda’s Story

    This is my personal journey of living with Post Natal Depression (PND). I want to get my story out there because I know how awful this horrible illness is. You […]

  • Post Adoption Depression – One mum’s story

    When me and my husband found out we could not have a child of our own the next natural step for us was adoption, we didn’t even look into IVF […]

  • Having Postnatal Depression led me to help other mums

    Almost 8 years ago I began my motherhood journey, only I had unwanted company – Postnatal Depression. I was a 19 year old new mum, struggling to breastfeed and lacking […]