Tips for mummies with poorly heads – By Kimberley

Some mummys have poorly heads  when they have children. This is Kimberley’s 5 top tips for PND mummys.

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  1. Sometimes a teddy bear cuddle is all you need

If you are feeling poorly  you could cuddle a teddy bear and it will make you be happy.

  2. Seeing the Doctor is important

If you are not feeling very well you should go to the doctor so you can get help so you can better.

3. Quiet time!

Having 5 minutes peace is important because mummys need time to themselves.

4. Friendship

If you go see friends, you get better by talking and laughing, so you are not alone.

  5. Children want to help

Children help mummys by giving them a cuddle if mummys are upset.


My mummy had a poorly head and now she is happy.

If you’re a mummy with a poorly head, you will get better from hugs, kisses and cuddles.

Your children will always still love you that’s the very important part.

By Kimberley. Age 7.


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