Seeking help for postnatal depression

Seeking help for Postnatal Depression is the bravest thing you do and you have that courage within you, even if you don’t know it.

It is never too late to speak to someone and tell them you are struggling, when you seek help you can get the support you need. If you’re worried how to get the words out The SMILE Group have a fantastic checklist you can download (or use as a guide) which you can give to your partner, friend, GP, Health Visitor etc to help you start that conversation, find it here.

Last night for our #PNDHour tweet chat we looked at seeking help, lots of people shared their experiences and there were some fantastic blog posts shared. Knowing you are not alone can make a big difference when suffering with postnatal depression and knowing that there is hope for the future and for recovery can to. One of our tweeters pointed out that there is a tiny percentage of women with postnatal depression who end up with social services involved which we know is a big fear of so many mums and prevents them from seeking help.











That is what we aim to do here at PND and Me, offer hope and support to those struggling. You are never alone with the #PNDFamily. You can view the tweets here, you don’t need to have a twitter account to do so. You can join us for a #PNDHour any time, we are on Twitter every Wednesday between 8-9pm or use #PNDChat for additional peer support outside of this hour (Not monitored 24/7 but checked daily)

So if you’re reading this and haven’t sought help yet, please do, speak to a friend or family member and seek help from your GP. You deserve the help to get better and we can offer peer support to help you along the way.

You can find a list of peer support and other useful links in our Support section of the website.

Keep fighting and Be Brave


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