Celebrating the 100th #PNDHour

A big milestone! 100 hours dedicated to debunking myths, tackling stigma, connecting those with a personal or professional interest in perinatal mental illness and supporting those who need a little strength and hope.

We’ve grown from a handful of people tweeting during the hour to now losing count of how many amazing people are tweeting, sharing, favouriting and not to mention those lovely people who simply observe the hour.

Below are the statistics, so over 3,700 individuals have tweeted using the hashtag since the hour began 100 weeks ago back in January 2014!

wp-1450209691711.jpegThese statistics speak for themselves

When setting up #PNDHour I didn’t go into it thinking I wanted to reach X amount of people etc, I started it because I wanted offer support to the 1 in 7 who are affected by postnatal depression and now #PNDHour does SO much more!

We help educate professionals on what women affected by perinatal mental illness need from them and this means we have a big number of health care professionals joining us too which was an unexpected bonus!

I could go on but I think I’ll let this video tell the rest, it features 100 of those who have been connected, supported and I hope empowered by #PNDHour!

Join us every Wednesday 8-9pm via Twitter (@PNDandMe) and join the #PNDFamily. You are not alone xx

Here’s to the next 100, Thank you all.

Rosey xxx

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