Shortlisted for Mind Awards 2016

A few weeks ago I found out I was shortlisted in the MIND Media Awards in the Blogger category. Ovewhelmed is probably the word I would use to describe how I felt when I found out.

When I began PND and Me, it was “just” a blog, it was my outlet for Postnatal Depression, it sure as hell saved me a few times being able to poor my heart into a post and not have those feelings swirling around in my head torturing me. Starting PND and Me, saved me.

Since then it has grown and is now a resource for others going through the hell that is Postnatal Depression, I would like to think that it offers a little ray of hope to those battling and reassurance that things will get better. That recovery is a possibility.

I think back to when I started the blog and what it meant to me to be able to write exactly how I felt, no limits, just me and my heart, typed up and shown to the world. 2014 was the worst year of my life and with my battle with depression, without having the blog to share my thoughts, I truly don’t know where I would be now. Starting PND and Me was my shining light and the starting block of my recovery, I found my voice, I found my hope and ultimately, I found my purpose.

So now nearly 3 years later, in such a short time, I have connected with incredible, strong, inspiriational people, many of whom I now consider very good friends. I have created a support network that not only helps others across the UK to not feel alone, but myself too. I found my “tribe”, I would be lost without my girls and I know many of the people who access support via PNDandMe would agree that they have made priceless friendships, all from a few simple hashtags that I put out there one rainy January day.

I’m honoured to be amongst four other mental health bloggers, all of which are worthy winners, I can’t wait to meet them at the awards ceremony in November. We are all doing our bit to raise awareness of various different Mental Illnesses in our own way and without doubt, we will all be making a difference to the lives of others by doing so.

Take a look at the others and the amazing work they do!


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