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  • Walking from the shadows of pnd- together

    Dear Mums. If you have or have had Postnatal Depression keep reading.. If not then please read on regardless. I was there 6 years ago, covered by the shadow of this hidden […]

  • A tear slides slowly down her cheek

    I can see her sitting on the edge of the sofa, looking anxious, tired, wearing a top spotted with spit up on the shoulder, I catch her glancing at the baby asleep in the bouncer, she sighs, […]

  • How to join in #PNDHour tweet chat

    #PNDHour is hosted by me via my Twitter profile @PNDandMe every Wednesday at 8pm, by following these 3 simple steps you will be able to join in and connect with others affected by perinatal mental […]

  • Teenage Mothers with postnatal depression – Are we doing enough to support them?

    The UK has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe with recent estimates of 50,000 each year in England under the age of 20 of which 80% were aged 18-19. […]