Running for mental health

I recently began running. It’s well documented that exercise is good for your mental health, so I figured I would give it a go.

I’m not the fastest or the fittest but turns out I’m really enjoying the challenge.

I’m not following a programme but the C25K is a good one to ease you in and of course local Parkruns!

I’m running for me. It gives me time to process my thoughts and feelings, to check in with how I actually feel.

I’m very lucky to live alongside a river, so my runs have the added benefit of a pretty view which definitely helps!

So far I have managed 5k(32mins!) and I hope to build up to 10k and take part in a race soon.

I know a lot of people run to help their mental health and so far, although it’s only been about a month, I’m really enjoying it and I’m noticing an improvement in my general day to day moods.

It’s time just for me. Also being able to focus my mind on getting back home, or reaching a certain distance is great for overcoming any sore legs!

I joined the Run Mummy Run Facebook group too and that is full of supportive women of all shapes and sizes and abilities. We are all in this together!

Do you run? Has it helped your mental health? I’d love to hear from you!

Rosey x

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