To the mum battling mental illness – I see you

To the mum battling mental illness

You are not alone. Your tears may fall silently but I see you.

When you are painting on a smile when someone asks ‘How are you?’

I see you

Those days where getting out of bed, attending to your childs every whim

The same days you lock yourself away and cry, sob and scream ‘Why me!’

I see you

Stepping into the Doctors surgery, the fear visible in your eyes

The courage it takes to say those three words ‘I need help’

I see you

The daily medication, the therapy, the pain you carry with you

When life seems void of all hope and you feel lost.

I see you

Those groups you go to and wonder why you can’t be happy like those other mums

The immense effort it takes to simply get out of the house to go to them

I see you.

The daily battle with the demons in your mind

The ones that steal your memories, your smile, your happiness

I see you

Those days when you get a glimmer of sunshine within and think ‘Maybe things will be ok’

When things don’t seem quite so hard and hope is easier to find.

I see you

The days you look back and see the rollercoaster you are on, it’s highs and lows.

The same days when you feel hope, hold on to it, hold it tight. This too shall pass.

Those of us who have trodden the path before and those who are stlll walking it, we see you.

 You are not alone.


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