WE are PND and Me

o, on Monday 14th November I travelled to London to attend the MIND Media Awards, which I was absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted in, I was in the Blogger category and was blown away to win the award. It means more to me than I could ever really put into words!

PND and Me started with a poem, then a blog, where I poured my heart out about my experiences with Perinatal Mental Illness, it was incredibly cathartic to write about and since then it has snowballed into something phenomenal and way beyond my expectations.

Whenever I write about PND and Me, I often refer to things as a group, so “We are doing this” because for me, our community is far more than just me sending out tweets or posting on facebook, it is our volunteers who work so hard behind the scenes to keep things going, it is our amazingly honest and brave community that I am honoured to be sharing the journey with. They are my #PNDFamily, who are the most wonderful family to be a part of, constantly inspiring me to do more and to keep going when the self doubt creeps in. Thank you to everyone who plays their part in making PND and Me the incredible force that it is,

We are now an award winning support network and that fills me with so much pride. I’ve no doubt that we will continute to connect and support others affected by perinatal mental illness and I really hope we can empower others to seek the help they deserve and maybe find their voice too.

I’m excited to see where PND and Me will go in the future, becoming a charity is definitely top of my “To do list”, so if anyone fancies helping with that… please shout!

For now though, we will continue connecting as many people we can and spreading the message of hope for those who are in the dark times of perinatal mental illness.

Thank you to everyone for their love and support in light of this award, it means the world.

Finally, to the #PNDFamily, thank you for giving me a purpose,for saving my life and for now helping me save others.

We are PND and Me.

Rosey xxx

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